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Department of Tourism of Taoyuan now organizes Longgang Excursions



Posted Date:2021-09-23



Get a close-up view of Longgang with 11 excursion routes
The distinctive culinary and cultural history of Taoyuan Longgang have shaped its unique cuisine, architecture and lifestyle. To bring an immersive experience to more people, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan joins hands with Lion Travel and Cola Tour to organize 11 excursion routes in Longgang until November 30th. The tours include must-see attractions and fun activities to explore Longgang’s diverse Yunnan, Burmese, and Thai cultures.

Come to Longgang for authentic Yunnan Dage Dance
Legend goes that the Dage festival started with Zhuge Liang gathering Yunnanese ethnic minorities to start bonfires, play music, and dance at night in an effort to intimidate enemies with the illusion of a huge army, hence the martial origin of Dage’s namesake (lit. war singing). The tradition has continued. Whenever there is a major festival, all Yunnanese ethnic minorities dress up to play music, sing, and dance together.
In addition to Dage dance, the tours include the beautifully crafted traditional clothing from Yunnan, Myanmar, and Thailand, the refreshing and appetizing DIY Thai green papaya salad, and a visit to the Zhongzhen Village and traditional food stalls in the Zhongzhen Market. Don’t miss out on this exotic experience.