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Operations Office


Department of Tourism, Taoyuan

  • Tourism Marketing Section
    1. Planning for tourism marketing strategies.
    2. Plans and implements tourism marketing activities.
    3. Promotion and publicity for travel information and the establishment of travel information systems.
    4. Marketing, promotion and miscellaneous matters involving tourist attractions.
    5. Assist the district offices in handling various tourism activities and events.
    6. Publicity and promotion of Taoyuan tourism at travel fairs both home and abroad.
  • Tourism Regulation Section
    1. Management of tourism and recreation.
    2. Guidance in developing tourism and recreation.
    3. Establishment, registration, and general management of hotels and bed and breakfasts.
    4. General counseling and development guidance for hotels and bed and breakfasts.
    5. Recreational activity management for areas with water.
    6. Supervision of scenic areas and tourist recreational areas.
    7. Issuing operating licenses for businesses providing hot springs to the general public.
    8. The establishment, management and other general operations of visitor centers.
  • Tourism Development Section
    1. Development of tourism resources.
    2. Planning of tourism development projects.
    3. Planning and execution of construction project regarding tourism.
    4. Planning and development to promote private participation in tourism industry projects.
    5. Supervision of engineering operations at scenic areas.
    6. Proposing regulations regarding sightseeing, etc.
  • Administration Office
    1. Documents.
    2. Files.
    3. Accounts.
    4. General affairs.
    5. Property management and information.
    6. Legal.
    7. Public relations.
    8. Research and development.
    9. Matters not falling under any other jurisdiction.
  • Accounting Office
    1. Compile annual reports according to law.
    2. Accounting and statistics.
  • Personnel Office
  • Personnel management issues, in accordance with the law.
  • Governmental Ethics Office
  • Political matters in accordance with the law.

Scenic Area Service Agency, Taoyuan

  • Services Promotion Division
  • Visitors services, environmental education, volunteer management, publications and copywriting, inspection and update of travel information, contents and planning of explanations/commentaries for facilities, marketing planning and handling of activities, press releases and media contacts, venue application and booking, etc.
  • Management and Maintenance Division
  • Comprehensive planning for facilities under its jurisdiction, planning, design, contracting construction, and inspection and acceptance of facilities maintenance projects. Management of forest areas, cleaning and maintenance, greenification and landscaping maintenance, management, maintenance and repairs of facilities and equipment, protection of plants and animals, setup and restoration of facility signage and visitor security signage, traffic order, ambulances, fire services, street vending, tourist behavior, review and management of facilities, etc.
  • North Cross-Island Management Station
  • Assist with operations and site supervision at the Lalashan Scenic Area, Xiaowulai Scenic Area, Daxi Zhongzheng Park and Public Hall, Chiang Ching-kuo Memorial Park, Cihu Park and Jiaobanshan Chateau ticket sales, engineering projects, cleaning, landscape maintenance, facilities repairs, management outsourcing, visitor services, volunteers, environmental education, park security and management of street vendors, etc.
  • Administration Office
  • Ticket sales, management outsourcing of parks, annual governance plans, mid- and long range projects, policy reports, building fire protection and security checks, parliamentary affairs, documents, archives, official seals, accounts, general affairs, procurement affairs, property management and information, legal, public relations, research and development operations, other matters not under the jurisdiction of other divisions/units.