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The 2021 Halloween City in Taoyuan—Crazy Lab is now open!



Posted Date:2021-10-29



The Crazy Lab is now open! The major was dressed as the lab manager at the opening ceremony.

As the pandemic eased, the first and largest outdoor Halloween event in Taiwan, "2021 Halloween City in Taoyuan—Crazy Lab", was held at the plaza of THSR Taoyuan Station. On the 29th, The mayor of Taoyuan specially wore a white coat and goggles to serve as a lab manager at the opening ceremony of the nine-day Halloween City event, leading the guests to pour the “happiness elixir” in beakers. The colorful dry ice and and marvelous stage effects made the audience roar. The event also debuted its Easter egg — “Frankenstein's Crazy Lab” light art. It transforms the 2D plane into a 3D projected Frankenstein. Gigantic arms coming out of nowhere on the stage creates a spooky atmosphere.

Play red light, green light with a giant phantom like in the game played in the Squid Game.
The event's surprise was also revealed today. Behind the entrance is a giant phantom in the ghostly walkway staring straight at people. People can play red light, green light, the classic captivating game from the Squid Game with the phantom.

The highlight of the event, "Frankenstein's Crazy Lab" light art also made its first appearance today. Nearly five minutes of gorgeous projection effects tell the story of an A-list celebrity ghost conducting a new experiment in the dead at night. The background is vividly detailed even though it’s projected. The dazzling transition of scenes with explosion effects amazed all the viewers. The fantastical love story between the main character Frankenstein and a witch successfully created a wicked yet innocent unearthly universe.