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::: About the Department

About the Director

Yang Sheng-ping
  • Name:
  • Yang Sheng-ping
  • Education:
  • Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Building & Planning,
    National Taiwan University Masters,
    Graduate Institute of Urban Planning,
    National Chung Hsing University
  • Background:
  • Director, Taoyuan Municipal Tourism Bureau
    Department Chair, Department of Tourism & Hospitality, Kainan University
    Committee Member, Taipei City Government Tourism Council
    Committee Member, Taoyuan Tourism Industry Promotion Committee
    Committee Member, Committee for the Promotion of Development in Northern Taiwan
    Training Quality and Regulations Advisor, Vocational Training Bureau, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan
    Audit Committee Member, Taipei Healthy Tourism Merchandise Committee
    Secretary to the Chancellor and Director of the Tourism Research and Development Center, Kainan University
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University and Chung Hua University
    Committee Member, Local Cultural Center Promotion Committee, Taoyuan County Government
    Municipal Advisor, Luzhu District, Taoyuan County
    Municipal Advisor, Xindian District Office, Taipei County
    Engineer, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • From the Director:
  • Taoyuan has been upgraded to a special municipality, and residents have high expectations for its economic, industrial and commercial development. Our cultural heritage offer many strong assets for attracting tourism, and we plan to create a "door to the country" through our soft power. I am confident we can use tourism to increase Taoyuan City's popularity both at home and abroad, thus creating a sense of identity in its residents, attracting funding and resources, and building sustainable tourist hotspots. We'll be able to elevate Taoyuan to become a top-tier municipality.

    We will respond to the needs of tourists and the public and become a cornerstone of tourism development. For example, we will link together the various forms of transportation, update public facilities and souvenir information to attract visitors to our unique points of interest; all of this information will be available in the city's sightseeing navigation database (https://travel.tycg.gov.tw). Taoyuan is convenient located. Not only is it every visitor's "first stop in Taiwan", it is also "Taiwan's best inn", and simply the "best in Taiwan", making every Taoyuan resident proud of their city. In recent years, Taoyuan has continued to build and upgrade its facilities. Additionally, natural heritage sites such as Pitang's artificial ponds have a great deal of educational value. When visitors look down on the ponds from airplanes, it looks like Taoyuan's land is filled with emeralds. As Taiwan's most multicultural of cities, Taoyuan is a fusion of Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal, and military veteran communities as well as new residents, all shining together with a new vibrancy. I hope the next time you visit Taiwan you can experience our unique human and cultural landscape for yourself.

    Tourism is everywhere in Taoyuan, and there are plenty of ways for you to experience her charm. Backpackers, families with children, couples, friends and seniors can all enjoy what Taoyuan has to offer. This beautiful city always has something different to offer you, and we are promoting a different "trip of the month" every month so that visitors can explore Taoyuan even more thoroughly. We are your loyal guides from the mountains to the sea and from the city to the countryside.

    Taoyuan is home to beautiful waters and mountains, and its rich cultural background makes it the perfect place to create unforgettable memories. Come explore this city with an open heart, and you'll find pleasant surprises around every bend.