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Reach any of the attractions in no time by the fast, convenient Taiwan Tourist Shuttle!



Posted Date:2021-08-11



Taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttles from major stations in Taoyuan is fast and convenient. Daxi Express departs from THSR Taoyuan Station and takes only 40 minutes to reach Daxi Old Street and Cihu via the expressway (daily service, 1-day pass for NT$130). The Shihmen Reservoir Route departs from Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station and stops at Longtan, Sankeng Old Street, Shihmen Mountain and the Shihmen Reservoir (weekend service, 1-day pass for NT$100). The Xiao Wulai Route departs from Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station and stops at Jiao Pan Mountain and the Xiao Wulai Skywalk (weekend service, 1-day pass for NT$150). The Dongyanshan Route departs from Taoyuan Bus Daxi Station and stops at the Old Baiji Tunnel and the Dongyanshan Nature Center (daily service, 1-day pass for NT$120, which also allows visitors to ride route 5096 (Taoyuan ⇆ Daxi) and 5098 (Zhongli ⇆ Daxi) for free).

Please scan the QR-code for SMS contact tracing when boarding the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.
Due to the pandemic, please wear a mask at all times on public transport and scan the QR-code for SMS contact tracing. Eating and drinking on the shuttle bus are not allowed. If you have a fever, a cough or other respiratory symptoms, please seek medical attention as soon as possible and do not travel by public transportation to prevent the spread of Covid-19.