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2019 Adventures on the North-Cross Island Highway—your summer trip starts here!



Posted Date:2019-07-04



The very exciting “2019 Adventures on the North-Cross Island Highway” was launched at attractions along the North-Cross Island Highway including Jiaobanshan, Xiao Wulai, Mt. Lala, and Galahe Hot Spring. In addition to the popular river tracing and bungee jumping, six thrilling activities have been added this year. Visitors are welcomed to test their own limits at the “Adventures on the North-Cross Island Highway.”

River tracing, explorations, and bungee jumping are sure to give you great memories.
In the first week of the event, challenges suitable for family participants such as lassoing and pushing cups are held at Jiaobanshan. Those who succeed will be granted the titles of tribal warriors. In Xiao Wulai, there are water activities allowing visitors to enjoy the cool water in the hot summer.
In the second week, there will be river tracing on the Yunei River, which has been the most popular event in the past years. Crossing and sliding down the river, and then walking to the bottom of the Xiao Wulai Waterfall, you will be able to see the beautiful nature from different perspectives. Bungee jumping from the 37-meter high Baling Bridge is sure to satisfy any thrill seekers and is among the top choices of extreme sports along the North-Cross Island Highway.
In addition, Parkour camps will be held during two consecutive weekends. Parents and children will be coached together by professional trainers. There is also the special event of Galahe Hot Spring exploration, taking you to the only hot spring waterfall in Taiwan.