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Minions making an appearance at the Shihmen Reservoir Hot Air Balloon Fiesta



Posted Date:2019-06-14



Non-stop festival for nine days with hot-air balloons of the cutest shapes and forms
   Opening on the morning of June 15, this year is the fourth year of Shihmen Reservoir Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. “Minions” hot air balloon and octopus hot air balloon from Japan welcome the guests at Nanyuan Ecological Park of Shihmen Reservoir. A great show is well expected.

The first appearance of the Minions hot air balloon in Taiwan rising into the sky
The biggest highlight of this year’s event is the first appearance of the Minions hot air balloon, with a volume of 3,000 cubic meters, a height of 23.3 meters, and a width of 11.5 meters, 120,000 Minions can fit inside. This is also 49.6 times in size of an actual Minion. Another highlight is the octopus hot air balloon from Japan. These two highlights are expected to attract many visitors.

A wide array of activities sure to satisfy visitors of all ages
    From the ground to the sky, there is a wide array of activities. Besides the hot air balloon rising experience and the light projection and burner flame show on weekend nights, there are also the free hot air balloon museum, hot air balloon walk-in, and balloon envelope holding experience where you can explore the inside and outside of the hot air balloons. On weekends there are also concerts and stamp collection events.