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Results of the 4th Taoyuan Gold Medal Hotel Award are out



Posted Date:2018-10-22



In an effort to promote quality accommodations in Taoyuan, the 4th Taoyuan Gold Medal Hotel Award organized by Taoyuan City Government is announcing a list of gold medal hotels as a reference for travelers in Taoyuan for business or on holiday.

Six friendly labels as clear indicators
“Internationally friendly” hotels provide information in multiple languages. Hotels listed in this category are also actively engaged in global online review sites, forums and social media. Some hotels offer work exchange programs to appeal to international travelers.
“Environmental friendly” hotels are certified green hotels. Hotel guests are encouraged to implement low-carbon traveling and reduce the use of disposable toiletries.
“Locally friendly” hotels feature local characteristics. These hotels promote local tourism by organizing tours around the neighboring areas and DIY workshops or interactive activities.
“Culturally friendly” hotels engage guests in cultural and creative experiences. Some hotels introduce culture and creativity lectures and cultural themed mini-trips with a special feature on eSport culture.
“Family friendly” hotels are equipped with family-oriented facilities where hotel guests can take part in fun family-oriented activities. Some hotels come with family themed rooms and spacious indoor playgrounds.