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The opening of Taoyuan Disaster Education Center offers AR (Augmented Reality) smart experience



Posted Date:2018-09-17



Taoyuan Disaster Education Center (formally opened on Oct. 2, 2018) is the City’s first national bellwether disaster exhibition facility that integrates smart technologies, entertainment and education. There are five major exhibition areas in the Center: natural disasters, prevention and response, fire disaster, safe home, and firefighters. In addition, there are children AR painted automotive fire trucks, CPR combined with AR, puzzle-solving and obstacle-passing for home safety, VR experience in fire-fighting, smoke experience room and earthquake experience platform, Everyone is welcome to explore all these experiences.


■Address: No.35, Aly. 49, Ln. 901, Sec. 2, Jieshou Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City

■Opening hours: 09:00-16:30 from Tuesday to Saturday (the opening hours may be extended to 18:00 during winter and summer vacations)

■Closed on Sunday, Monday and national holidays

■Admission: Free