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The most beautiful real-time scenery in Taiwan, Taoyuan Shihmen Reservoir scenery broadcasting



Posted Date:2018-12-24



Innovative broadcasting service live streaming gorgeous local scenery
Want to take in the gorgeous view of the misty, mountain surrounded Shihmen Reservoir? Here’s a new way to enjoy the scenic views. To promote Daxi, Longtan and Fuxing in Taoyuan, the Department of Tourism has placed high-resolution cameras at Shihmen Reservoir, Daxi Bridge, Lalashan and other renowned tourist destinations to broadcast real-time scenery. On Taoyuan Tourism Website and Taoyuan Trip App, visitors can check on the current situation of the scenic spots while enjoying the live streaming of beautiful scenery.

Virtually sensational view of dawn and dusk at Shihmen Reservoir and Lalashan

In the past, tourists visit scenic attractions for the breathtaking scenery. Now, through Taoyuan Tourism real-time image broadcasting service, the scenic areas are right before your eyes in 1080@30P high-resolution live streaming. Installed at the top of the dam, the camera at Shihmen Reservoir gives an incredible bird’s-eye view of the water reserve, pier and tourist center. Nanyuan Eco Park, Kanjin Bridge and Dahan River in the distance can also be sighted in the live streaming. The scenery is simply beyond description regardless of weather conditions and season. The camera at Daxi is right next to Daxi Bridge. At night, it streams the romantic light adorned bridge which is especially worth watching. The streaming of the northern-cross scenery is broadcasted from Lalashan Visitor Center. Visitors can check on the weather condition while enjoying the changing scenery of northern-cross cloud waterfall amidst the mountains.

Enhancing tourism charisma in response to the rising tide of global tourism
Real-time image broadcasting service can be found in a number of internationally renowned tourist destinations like Venice, Northern Europe, New York and Japan. The service has proven to be an effective tool for the promotion of tourism. In the future, the broadcasting service will also include information on weather conditions, air quality, traffic, itineraries and recommended replays. With advanced technology and intelligent services, Taoyuan is becoming a more friendly and comprehensive tourist destination.