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The 2023 Taoyuan Lantern Festival attracted 1.1 million visitors. The next highlight is the 2023 Hakka Expo.



Posted Date:2023-02-12



Featuring both local and global elements, Taoyuan Lantern Festival attracted more than one million visitors in 12 days.
It is the first time that Taoyuan Lantern Festival was held in Hakka town Fugang in 2023. With dynamic sound and light technology incorporating Hakka cultures, the Festival broke the record by attracting more than 1.1 million visitors and bringing businesses to the neighboring shopping areas. Fugaung railway station also broke the ridership record in recent years, while promoting tourism in this small railway town of Fugang.
We invited the Singaporean stringless kite flying team "GoFlyKite" and other international performance groups from Japan and Taiwan to give live shows.
The event successfully attracted foreign visitors to Taoyuan to enjoy the lantern festival and experience local tourism energy by adding Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and English to the event’s website. The Director of the Department of Tourism stated, "We will endeavor to make Taoyuan an international tourism brand and show visitors the diverse potentials of Taoyuan."

Organizations responded well to the lantern collection, looking forward to seeing the Hakka cultures showcased at the Hakka Expo.
After closing the Lantern Festival, 19 sets of lanterns and related structures were collected and maintained by the Fugang railway station, Scenic Area Administration, and local organizations for future utilization to continue serving their purposes. These lanterns were given a second chance to display their beautiful lighting design and add more visual effects all over Taoyuan. The tourism publicity generated by the Lantern Festival did not stop after its closure.
2023 Taoyuan Lantern Festival fully exhibited Hakka town's "local yet diverse" elements and its simple and quaint slow-living style. As the housewarming party for Hakka Expo, Taoyuan Lantern Festival invited everyone to visit Taoyuan from August 11th to October 15, 2023, to enjoy the incredible allure of the Hakka culture. The exhibition venues will be located at Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, Yongan Conch Plaza, 1895 War Memorial Park, Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum, etc. Everyone is welcome to take part in this event.