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Taoyuan B&B Butler School Begins. B&B Industry Power-Up.



Posted Date:2023-03-23



Taoyuan B&B Butler School officially opens in 2023. This year’s curriculum focuses on improving global service quality and helping business owners develop unique accommodation experiences. This year’s curriculum centers on three main topics: “basic knowledge” you need to know before entering the business, “theme workshops” to improve your operation skills, and Service Quality Management-Senior Manager SQMM certificate class to broaden your management knowledge.

Basic knowledge class: inviting industry leaders and professionals to share their hands-on experiences.
This class targets first-time guesthouse owners and those interested in running their own B&B business. We invited architects, structure engineers, water and soil conservation engineers, and land developers to talk about related regulations and hardware technologies that one might need when applying for registration for homestay facilities. The class will be given by means of forums and discussions to provide the most practical solutions. 

Theme workshops: sharing diversified service practices to create cross-sector collaboration.
We invited GoPro ambassador Johnny to discuss valuable tips on post-production editing and dubbing in background music. Besides, Popular bloggers will share social media marketing strategies to help B&B owners find potential cross-sector collaboration opportunities. In light of this year’s policy of targeting Southeast Asian travelers, we designed a series of classes related to Southeast Asian cultures and languages to broaden B&B owners’ knowledge concerning the travel needs of this target group.

SQMM certificate class-globalization of service quality
This year’s curriculum offers the Service Quality Management-Senior Manager (SQMM) class and assists in the process of obtaining the certificate. We help B&B owners to improve their service quality to provide international tourists with diverse, sophisticated, and thoughtful services and build their own unique homestay facilities.

Upgrade to intelligent tourism.
B&B Butler School provides a series of classes covering GoPro Summit, social media marketing, and outdoor filming so that global travelers can access these eye-catching videos via social media. We hope the B&B Butler School will serve as a platform to make Taoyuan tourism more international and intelligent.