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Food and scenery recommendations in Taoyuan Four themed itineraries



Posted Date:2019-02-01



2019 Taoyuan Lantern Festival takes place from February 12th to February 24th in four theme areas located in Taoyuan, Luzhu and Guishan. Here are four recommended one-day itineraries that encompass not only the lantern festival but also some authentic local touring featuring delicious food and beautiful scenery.

1.Taoyuan Sanmin Main Lantern Area

Recommended itinerary: Owl Forest School -->Taoyuan Front Train Station Shopping District (lunch)-->77 Art Zone--> Namchow Recreational Factory--> Taoyuan Lantern Festival Sanmin Area

Taoyuan 77 Art Zone features an abundance of Japanese-style architectures. There are a variety of renowned restaurants and food brands in the area for visitors to choose from. Namchow Recreational Factory is where you can taste exotic cuisines while enjoying a fun and educational factory tour. When the night falls, it is time for you to depart for Sanmin Main Lantern Area where Aladdin greets visitors as he rubs the lamp. There are also the rose garden and desserts that symbolizes love and happiness.

2.Guishan Area

Recommended itinerary: Shoushanyan Guanyin Temple-->Fengshukeng-->Guishanho Street (lunch)-->Sianguang 2nd Village-->Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland--> Taoyuan Lantern Festival Guishan Area

Start the day by visiting Shoushanyan Guanyin Temple to wish for well-being and Fengshukeng to immerse in the tranquil countryside beauty. You can try some distinctive local eats for lunch in downtown Guishan. The former military kindred village, Sianguang 2nd Village and Shan Yang Ye Robot Wonderland are great places to visit in the afternoon. When the sun goes down, it is time to check out the gigantic robot lantern and the stunning swan lake featured in Guishan Lantern Area.

3.Luzhu Area

Recommended itinerary: Wujiutong Mountain Trail--> I-Mei Foods Tourism Factory--> Tai Mall (lunch)--> Wufu Temple--> Castella Land--> Taoyuan Lantern Festival Luzhu Area

Before checking out the lanterns in Luzhu, you can start the day with a hike along Wujiutong Mountain Trail and take in the gorgeous view from atop. I-Mei Foods Tourism Factory and Castella Land offer DIY activities and tours for both adults and children to learn about food manufacturing and the brand culture. During Chinese New Year, you may want to visit Wufu Temple and wish for good luck and prosperity. Last but not least, enjoy a spectacular lantern show inspired by the abundant flowers in Taoyuan! Luzhu Area features a giant calla lily, giant water lilies, a dreamy pink peach blossom forest and the flamboyant butterfly corridor.

4.Shueibiantou Area

Recommended itinerary: Bade Pond Ecology Park--> Taoyuan Disaster Prevention Education Center--> Kwong Fong Plaza (lunch)--> Republic of Chocolate--> Taoyuan Railway Pavilion--> Taoyuan Lantern Festival Shueibiantou Area

If you are looking for a family-friendly itinerary, this is the one. The first stop is Bade Pond Ecology Park. Kids will also love some hands-on experiences being a junior fireman at Taoyuan Disaster Prevention Center or a trainmaster at Taoyuan Railway Pavilion. For lunch, you can head to Kwong Fong Plaza and choose from plenty of theme restaurants. The five-story Taoyuan Children’s Museum and the Republic of Chocolate nearby are also highly recommended places for family with kids. At night, the nutcracker, dancing elves and the candy house in Shueibiantou Lantern Area present a festive party ambience that will definitely leave the kids with wonderful memories.