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Executive Information System, Department of Tourism

::: About the Department

Key Policies


The current guideline for the development of Taoyuan tourism is “Have fun anywhere anytime”. Methods include:

1. Redevelop existing tourist attractions and regenerate the charm for tourism:

e.g. The transparent scenic elevator in Daxi old district to enhance convenience for visitors, Zhong Zheng Park Cliffside Trail featuring the beautiful scenery of Dahan River, Shihmen Reservoir redeveloped as a low-carbon sports, culture and ecological tourist destination.

2. Develop new tourist attractions, provide tourism services and facilities:

Designate the first hot spring zone in Taoyuan – Luofu Hot Spring; Proactively seek for contractors to set up open-air glider rides for tourists to enjoy a thrilling eco-tour through Dahan River. The glider will also connect Xiaowulai and Luofu.

3. Organize special events and promotions to advocate tourism in Taoyuan:

Fun guaranteed throughout the year in Taoyuan: Plum blossom festival, cherry blossom festival, Daxi Dried Tofu Festival, and Longgang Rice Noodle Festival in spring; Hot Air Balloon Carnival and Northern-Cross Adventure Festival in summer; International Kite Festival and Shihmen Fish Festival in autumn; Hot Spring and Cuisine Festival in winter.