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The 2023 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival invites you to enjoy exotic charms and gourmet food



Posted Date:2023-04-22



Full of exotic charm, the 2023 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival returns again to the enchanted Golden Triangle commercial district after five years to continue its efforts to develop sustainable local communities.
The event consists of two main areas. “Water zone” is located at Yunnan Cultural Park featuring the Buddha bathing ceremony and water splashing culture. “Fire zone” features fire dance culture at Zhongzhen New Village Cultural Park. The activities that last for two weeks will allow visitors to experience cultures from foreign lands.

Splashing water to pray for good luck. Boisterous parades commence the festival.  
Splashing water to pray for blessings will kick off the first week of the festival. Eminent monks from Yatanavasa Buddhist Temple lead people to bathe Buddha statues and pray for a successful year. Then the long drum ensemble clears the way for five eminent monks and the mayor to walk along the street sprinkling water to pray for good luck. The parade ends at Zhongzhen New Village Cultural Park. Visitors are welcome to bathe and worship the Buddha statues. Eminent monks will stay here and offer to tie red strings on your wrist for you to receive good fortune. Sweet dumplings will also be provided at scheduled hours. All activities are designed to enhance visitors’ energy, ward off disasters and give a new lease of life.

A long-street banquet will be organized to celebrate the bumper harvest while sharing gourmet foods.
Derived from the traditions of the Yunnan Hani people, locals will come together and offer traditional dishes for festive occasions. It is a roadside banquet in Yunnan style. The long-street banquet with 66 tables will move to Zhongzhen New Village this year to showcase the hospitality of Longgang’s local communities. Each table features six to eight dishes, in which the food and plating demonstrate the authentic Yunnan flavor and culture for all participants to enjoy.

Installation arts highlight ethnic inclusion and diversity.
Colorful lanterns light up the enchanted Golden Triangle commercial district. Installation arts and traditional fire altars representing Yunnan culture are also exhibited in the Golden Triangle culture zone with an exotic hallway at the event entrance. The halal site was added this year. Tasty Halal cuisine is provided at the Muslim food court. Hand-painted installation arts, a Buddha-bathing platform, and Shakyamuni Buddha blessing area are also exhibited at the Yunnan Cultural Park entrance on the opposite end. You can have a taste of Zhongzhen’s gourmet food here.