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2023 New Year Fireworks Celebration at Longtan Tourist Pond



Posted Date:2022-12-29



Come to Longtan for performances, music, and fireworks.
The 2022 New Year's Eve Longtan Tourist Pond will hold a spectacular "2023 New Year's Fireworks and Music Show" and shoot off fireworks for 180 seconds to celebrate the new year with the public! It’s a great time to come to Longtan for an evening tour and experiencing the magnificence of Longtan Tourist Pond!

Fireworks at Longtan Tourist Pond to have the countdown to New Year together
Come to Longtan Tourist Pond to spend New Year's Eve and enjoy a feast of visual and auditory celebration. The event specially invited the circus and dance groups for the public to have a pleasant afternoon and feel the creativity and vitality of the young generation. Don't miss out on this event! Artists and music groups, with their beautiful singing voices, will accompany the audience on the countdown to New Year. Do visit Longtan Tourist Pond to enjoy this music feast on New Year’s Eve!

Come to Longtan Tourist Pond to experience the slow life pace of a small town.
There are many tourist attractions around Longtan Tourist Pond, including the Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum and the Chung Chao-cheng Literary Park, where Chung, dubbed ‘the mother of Taiwanese literature’, resided before he passed away. When visiting Longtan Tourist Pond , you will be able to enjoy Hakka delicacies, taste Shimen live fish, or admire the night views of the Pond, thoroughly experiencing the slow life pace of a Hakka town.