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South Korean travel agencies organize a delegation to experience the beauty of Taoyuan.



Posted Date:2022-11-24



Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Tourism is having distinguished international guests. A delegation of 20 South Koreans from travel agencies and media organized a 3-day trip to Taoyuan’s featured tourist attractions and share experiences with the local travel agencies over social functions. By communicating face to face, both sides are able to understand each other’s needs in order to provide a perfect experience for South Korean travelers visiting Taoyuan.

Emphasize the theme tour’s highlights and create new opportunities for the post-pandemic travel industry.
To promote post-pandemic local tourism, Taoyuan City Government adopts a proactive strategy to attract more foreign travelers and visits South Korea to launch marketing campaigns promoting the beauty and charm of Taoyuan. The campaign received positive feedback from local travel agencies. To strike while the iron is hot, Taoyuan City Government invited South Korean travel agencies and media to visit Taoyuan and planned an itinerary based on South Korean travelers’ preferences. The itinerary includes newly developed tourist attractions, such as the aquarium, shopping malls, and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center. Guanyin, Longtan, and Pingzhen are also on the list. South Korean guests will visit Tamogo’s Takara Biotechnology Ageless Village to experience a unique tea ceremony. In response to the trendy sports tourism, a bike tour and visits to the golf course and baseball hall of fame to experience Taiwanese baseball culture are also arranged. Thanks to the rich contents designed, South Korean agencies are looking forward to the trip to Taoyuan and can’t wait to have the first-hand experience.

Business match-making event provides an opportunity for travel agencies to communicate face-to-face and to understand each other better.
The business matching-making event provides an opportunity for the South Korean delegation and Taoyuan’s local travel agencies to communicate with each other to forge better cooperation in the future and expand Taoyuan’s international tourism market in the post-pandemic era. Further down the road, Taoyuan City Government will strive to attract more foreign travelers from North-East Asia. Destination and tourism suppliers, hoteliers, tourist factory owners, local representatives, and travel agencies are encouraged to forge a close relationship via this match-making event and establish a shared platform for tourism resources to continue providing first-hand travel information about Taoyuan and create more business opportunities for the travel industry.