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Keen to grasp post-pandemic tourism opportunities, Taoyuan organizes a delegation to visit Seoul, South Korea, to promote local tourism and exchange ideas.



Posted Date:2022-10-18



Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Tourism collaborates with the private sector to visit Seoul, South Korea, to launch marketing events for the promotion of local tourism.
To attract foreign travelers to visit Taiwan, the Director of Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Tourism organizes Taiwan’s first delegation consisting of 11 private businesses in the travel industry to visit Seoul, South Korea, which aims to promote Taoyuan’s tourism and meet with local travel associations and travel agencies to share experiences in person in the hope of promoting Taoyuan’s quality tourism resources and seizing the post-pandemic opportunities in the travel industry.

Aiming at the post-pandemic business opportunities in the travel industry, Taoyuan takes the initiative in winning over the South Korean market.
According to the statistics of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, the number of South Korean travelers visiting Taiwan surpassed one million in 2017. Before COVID-19, South Korea ranked 4th in terms of nationality of international visitors to Taiwan, only next to China, Japan, and Hong Kong/Macau. Therefore, Taoyuan City Government considers South Korea a significant market to promote local tourism.
There are over 30 South Korean participants, including travel agencies specializing in arranging trips to Taiwan, travel media, travel bloggers, as well as travel agencies from Taoyuan, invited to the travel business matchmaking event held in South Korea to promote Taoyuan’s tourist attractions, gourmet foods, and seasonal featured events.

Taoyuan is the first stop for international visitors, the national portal, and the window of Taiwan tourism.
As the portal of Taiwan, Taoyuan is the city that must be passed for foreign travelers entering and departing Taiwan. It’s highly appropriate to visit Taoyuan on your first or last day of the trip to Taiwan. Taoyuan boasts rich natural landscapes and resources and a diverse ethnic culture. In addition, various gourmet foods will satisfy everyone’s taste bud. A trip to Taoyuan, the window of Taiwan tourism, will give you a feast of Taiwan’s fascinating and multifaceted beauty.