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Grand opening of 2022 Daxi Bean Curd Festival



Posted Date:2022-10-11



Daxi Bean Curd Festival presents you with a brand new theme party, Bean Curd Party, on its opening night. You are invited to join this most fashionable party of electronic music. On the second day of the festival, a bean curd feast will be served for a hundred people. The dishes feature all kinds of culinary delights made of soy products to offer an afternoon tea party full of distinctive Daxi culture. A market is also set up nearby, where nearly 50 vendors sell local delicacies and goodies. You cannot afford to miss the fantastic Daxi Bean Curd Festival.

Join the Bean Curd Party to experience Daxi’s glamorous nightlife.
Experts will demonstrate how to make gigantic, delicious tofu from soy milk on the opening day of the festival to convey an underlying message that tofu brings luck and blessings. A trendy party of electronic music featuring double DJs will warm up the night of Daxi with popular techno music. You can dance your heart out on the dance floor or just enjoy the mesmerizing DJ shows. We encourage you to come as early as possible to enjoy the trendy party hardly seen in Daxi and rock and roll in the front rows.

Sign up for the “Little Bean Curd Ambassador” catwalk show and soy food afternoon tea.
The first “Little Bean Curd Ambassador” contest will be held this year to instill Daxi’s bean curd culture. We welcome enthusiastic kids to come and show their talent.
The first soy food afternoon tea held last year received a great deal of positive response. This year we will see an even more upscale set menu with nine soy dishes, including tofu tiramisu and truffle bean curd noodle. The afternoon tea also incorporates the hottest glamping concept and brings a retro recreational vehicle and a mini cooper to the event venue decorated with floral arrangements. Plus, with the live band performance, visitors are guaranteed a joyful and relaxing afternoon.