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The Grand Opening of Cihu Light Show



Posted Date:2022-09-27



Five event highlights and a bonus concert on the opening day
Cihu will hold a series of exciting activities starting October 1st; there are five highlights. The first one is the performances of three groups of well-known artists and music bands invited to warm up the event on the opening day. The second is a team of lighting experts invited to create a featured program based on interactive lighting technology. The third will be a weekly amazing fire dance show. The fourth is the fantasy amusement park composed of multiple recreational facilities. The fifth and the last is the first-ever outdoor lawn cinema to create a rich Halloween atmosphere.

Five lighting areas lead you into a grandiose fantasy stage
The "Cihu Light Show" will be on in October and focus on interactive technology. The lighting on both sides of the bronze statue trail is controlled by computer, so that the lighting on each tree will change with the live music. Colorful light bulbs sway in the breeze in the "Firefly Lighting Area" as if real fireflies were dancing and circling in the dark. The Cihu Bridge is designed as the "Dream Rainbow Bridge," while the Cikang Bridge is equipped with an interactive light gallery. A "Romantic Color Trail" is set up near the Cihu parking lot, creating a romantic ambiance through the stage lighting.

Enjoy the scenery at North Cross-Island Highway; experience the beauty of Cihu Lake at night.
Cihu used to rely on the Culture Resort of the Chiangs for its tourism development. In recent years, the City Government has been actively transforming the tourism industry in Cihu by connecting areas such as Touliao and Baiji to provide new ecotourism highlights. In order to enrich the tourism along North Cross-Island Highway, the City Government has also designed evening activities of different themes in Cihu in the past years. Through this event, visitors can not only travel on the North Cross-Island Highway during the day, but also enjoy its beauty at night.