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Continuously revitalized – Taoyuan tourism has enjoyed growth against trend during the pandemic



Posted Date:2022-08-05



Attraction visitor growth against the trend during the pandemic
Taoyuan City has made remarkable achievements in tourism development in recent years. According to the statistics of Tourism Bureau, MOTC, the city ranks 8th in Taiwan. In the past three years, the number of visitors to various scenic spots has increased by 118%. Taoyuan was the last city to be upgraded to a special municipality directly under the Central Government. Although its tourism performance is not up to par against the other special municipalities yet, its emerging development areas, such as Qingpu area, Daxi Old Street, and along the Northern Cross-Island Highway have gradually attracted national attention. According to Survey of Travel by R.O.C. Citizens, the number of visits to Taoyuan enjoyed an increase of 26% during 2018-2020, which was the highest among the six special municipalities. The number of hotels and B&Bs have also grown year by year, driving the number of tourists staying overnight in Taoyuan to increase year by year.

Covid-19 prevention work and economy stimulus must proceed in parallel
Since 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a global issue. Taoyuan, as the gatekeeper of the country, has been on the front line of pandemic prevention. Hotels and accommodation operators in Taoyuan have all been called upon to assist in pandemic prevention since the beginning. In early 2021, as the pandemic slowed down, in addition to working with Tourism Bureau, MOTC to launch travel subsidies, Taoyuan City Government also launched a number of additional travel stimulus packages to give local tourism industries a boost of confidence.