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The "Taoyuan – First stop in Taiwan" the first micro-multimedia website offering realistic experience of online travels



Posted Date:2022-07-19



Tourism Bureau, Taoyuan City Government has launched a brand-new Taoyuan travel official website based on visitor-oriented analyses of user behavior and the comprehensive factors of regional advantages. With the three core themes of "aesthetics, humanities, and smart technology," the Taoyuan travel official website was reborn with a brand-new look.

Continuous innovation of the website amassing more than ten-million visits
Taoyuan travel official website has been updated with RWD (Responsive Web Design) since 2017 and has won the first place in tourism websites in the "County and Municipal Government Website Operation Performance Review" rated by the National Development Council for four consecutive years. 12 livestreams of scenic spots and 23 Taoyuan scenic spots crowd warning system have been set up during the pandemic, allowing people to enjoy the scenery of Taoyuan in the comfort of their homes, and check the real-time crowd status on their mobile devices or computers 24 hours a day. The various smart functions of the website allow people to visit Taoyuan with peace of mind and convenience. The website has enjoyed more than 60-million total page views so far.

Three major themes of upgrades transforming the website into a smart tourism platform
In response to the post-pandemic era, Tourism Bureau of Taoyuan City Government, through analyses of macro data and domestic and foreign travel websites, gained deep understanding of the trends in the application of smart technologies, the real needs of visitors, and market trends, and devised three strategies for the Taoyuan travel official website upgrades: "less is more" design, menu optimization, and dynamic aesthetics. The new Taoyuan smart tourism platform for the new generation is born.

The first micro-multimedia website offering realistic experiences of online travels
The new website integrates all information required by visitors. Breaking the structure of a traditional travel website, a new structure that is closer to the needs of visitors was created. Taking the lead in the five special municipalities, micro-multimedia technologies were adopted. The scenery of four seasons, day and night; and all the great events and activities are presented to viewers. Unforgettable user experiences are delivered through short videos and touching moments during travels are created for users. Interactive menus allow visitors to quickly access the required information. The overall website interface is clean and concise. Integrating real-time tourism information and highlighting the differential characteristics of each district of Taoyuan, the website offers a new charm of Taoyuan tourism.