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2022 Taoyuan Shihmen Reservoir Hot Air Balloon Carnival – the Dinosaur World



Posted Date:2022-06-18



2022 Taoyuan Shihmen Reservoir Hot Air Balloon Carnival opened amidst high anticipations. Dinosaur-shaped hot air balloons from the United Kingdom and Brazil were invitied to stand in Nanyuan Ecological Park of Shihmen Reservoir to welcome the guests at the opening ceremony to kick off the event.

First appearance in Taiwan – the dinosaur balloons amazed the crowd
The biggest highlights of this year's event were the dinosaur balloons that have never been shown in Taiwan: the 20-meter-high Tyrannosaurus Rex, DYNO, from the United Kingdom, in bright orange color that grabs everyone's attention; and the 22.5-meter-high Stegosaurus, Steggy, from Brazil, with its blue-green appearance that is full of energy.

The limited hot air balloon tethered ride during the event is also not to be missed. Visitors can fully enjoy the scenery of Shihmen Reservoir Nanyuan Ecological Park and the back pool. In addition, the night-time light and fire show, the hot air balloon museum, and hot air balloon walk-in and balloon envelope folding experience are also very exciting and not to be missed.

The prehistoric Jurassic Park is waiting for you to explore
In addition to the dinosaurs flying in the sky, another highlight of the event is to turn the venue into a prehistoric Jurassic Park. The lifelike giant models of Tyrannosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Brachiosaurus are stunning. There is also a dinosaur exploration park suitable for families with children and a series of interactive games. Street performers are available on weekends. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shihmen Reservoir and spend a pleasant and fulfilling afternoon here.