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2022 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival: Experience the exotic culture unique to Taiwan



Posted Date:2022-04-16



The Sprintz and Fire Dance Ceremony of "2022 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival" was held on April 16th and 17th at the Longang Playground, with the themes of "Sprintz" and "Fire Dance." Songkran on the 16th is a Dai, Thai, Liao, and Burmese tradition. With pandemic prevention prioritized, this year’s Songkran did blessings and cleaning by sprinkling water instead of the traditional water fights. Mayor Cheng also visited the Festival and learned the Songkran dance from Dai girls.

Cleaning sprinkles: a ritual to celebrate the New Year in Thailand, Myanmar, as well as Yunnan, China

Songkran (among other names) is a cultural tradition of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and the Yunnan’s Dai people in Southeast Asia. Splashing water symbolizes cleansing of all the negativity and blessing for the new year. The festival was commenced by the bathing of Buddha statues, and the monks of San Bao Temple were invited to offer blessings to the public and pray for a propitious year ahead. In Thailand and Myanmar, Songkran holds the significance of the Lunar New Year in Taiwan and starts off from the 13th to the 16th of April. Its origin is closely related to Hinayana Buddhism, and one important custom is bathing Buddha statues to wash away dust. There was also a Buddha bathing area where people were invited to pray for blessings.

The distinct taste of cuisines from Yunnan, Myanmar and Thailand gives you exotic sensations on the tongue. 
Along with the double celebration of the Sprintz and Fire Dance, the two days of the Longgang Rice Noodle Festival also include exclusive cultural experiences of Yunnan and Myanmar, such as the lalaodao and spin-the-wheel games, traditional costumes, and rice noodle DIY. There are also a plethora of food booths at the event. Don’t miss out!
The Zhongzhen Market near the Longang Playground has over 50 inexpensive, scrumptious restaurants featuring Yunnanese, Burmese, and Thai cuisine, particularly rice noodles. Those who enjoy eating Thai, Burmese or Muslim cuisine can also find diners with tasty foods and affordable prices near the Market. Since we can’t travel to Southeast Asia for a feast due to the pandemic, come to Longang to enjoy its unique exotic foods!