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Taoyuan Spring International Kite Festival begins.



Posted Date:2022-03-26



Over 30 whale kites take off in spectacular fashion, a first in Asia.
The 2022 Taoyuan Spring International Kite Festival will be held for two days at the Zhongzhuang Retention Basin and Mound in Daxi District. The deputy mayor and honorable guests flew a 16-meter whale kite from New Zealand to kick off the event. Over 30 whale kites, including a 17-meter sperm whale, 10-meter killer whale, whale sharks and whales, also took to the air at the same time, stunning the audience with their majesty.
There were also an impressive large 11-meter falcon soft body kite and eagle kites connected for an imposing length of over 100 meters at the Dakekan Sky Castle, and sea creatures like crabs, jellyfish, octopus, squid, and great white sharks prancing in the Zhongzhuang Water Valley. The innumerable kites adorned the construction completion of the brand new Zhongzhuang Retention Basin and Mound. With the new sandpit slide, wooden playground equipment and grass slope, it is now a great place for families to participate in this special Kite Festival.

The only kite flying experience in Taiwan with a racing team on the brand new grass mound
Instead of using conventionally used sandbag weights, we worked with Team Nissan to fly the giant whale kites, creating a leisurely scene as if in another country. Besides the kites in the air, there were a 15-meter children's train, a fashionable car, a swinging white goose, a winged dove and other kites from New Zealand.
Moreover, kids' favorite superhero cosplay, magic party, clown balloon show and other programs were also parts of the two-day event to celebrate the start of the Children's Day!