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The two main pieces at the 2022 Taoyuan Lantern Festival bring a feast of light.



Posted Date:2022-02-09



New York Times Square crystal ball designer Billy Canning and musician Lim Giong join forces on the two main pieces
2022 Taoyuan Lantern Festival presents the romantic and imaginative main pieces: “Peach Blossom Forest” and “Sky Castle.” Situated in the Zhongli Guangming Park, “Peach Blossom Forest” reinterprets peach blossom, Taoyuan's city flower, with projection mapping technology and modern floral art, enabling visitors to stroll through the beautiful and romantic peach blossom forest and experience a magical visual feast.

“Sky Castle” in Xinshi Park was the collaborative work of Billy Canning, the designer of the New Year's Eve crystal ball at the Times Square in New York, and Sammy Liu, a light artist. The peacock and the dove, two birds with auspicious connotations, signify that Taoyuan is not just the gate to Taiwan but also a hub to realize dreams. The music for the main pieces are the work of musician Lim Giong who brings the audience a visual and auditory story with electronic music and light art.

27 themed pieces light up Laojie River.
In addition to the two main pieces, there are 27 large lanterns along the Laojie River plus six bridges decorated with LED lights, giving the Laojie River a different look.