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Precautionary measures for the pandemic: Taoyuan set up travel warning signal systems at 4 attractions.



Posted Date:2022-01-19



Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Taoyuan Department of Tourism has launched the "Travel Warning Signal System for Taoyuan Attractions" to help visitors avoid crowds. To build a complete network, 4 new spots: the 1895 Japanese Invasion Memorial Park, Bade Pond Ecology Park, Xiucai Hiking Trail, the Laojie Creek Trail, were included starting from January 19th, adding 23 spots in the system. Visit Taoyuan Travel or download the Taoyuan Smart Tour App to check real-time crowds to reduce your infection risk and avoid traffic jams.

Real-time crowdedness for 23 popular sites
The Department of Tourism and Chunghwa Telecom jointly launched the "Travel Warning Signal System for Taoyuan Attractions." It uses phone signals to estimate the crowds at the attractions and automatically assigns a light based on the average number of visitors every half hour from 8:00 to 17:00. The lights are red for "entry not allowed," yellow for "warning," and green for “safe." When a yellow light is issued, there are control measures to avoid exceeding maximum capacity, including parking lot access control, crowd diversion or traffic control.

Enjoy beautiful sceneries in the comfort of your home with live streaming from 12 scenic spots.
The Department of Tourism reveals that 12 scenic spots: the Daxi Bridge, Shihmen Reservoir, Yongan Fishing Harbor, Jiaobanshan Plum Orchard, Lalashan Visitor Information Center, Xiao Wulai Skywalk, Xiao Wulai Panoramic Lookout, Jiaobanshan Eco Pond, Back Cihu, Cihu Waterfront Square, Daxi Old Street, and Hutoushan Owl Forest School, are now streamed online so that the public can appreciate their beauty at home.