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Shiyifen Cultural Park, recreating its old time glamour



Posted Date:2021-11-11



The new tourist attraction in Longtan: A new option for visitors to Taoyuan
The City Government collaborates with the Northern Region Water Resources Office to repurpose the Jia'an Market, old Garden Restaurant, and the old dormitory of Northern Region Water Resources Office in Shiyifen as the Shiyifen Cultural Park, keeping the original architectural design of the dormitory and renovating its surrounding landscape.

Enjoy the scenery of this brand new attraction after renovation.
The Shiyifen Cultural Park is currently run by a private firm. As a space for tourism, art, and education, the Park is the first of its kind in Taiwan to implement and promote “zero plastics”, “local produce”, and “sustainable architecture” in the entire estate.
Other than freshly caught fish and the beautiful scenery, you should try "homemade soymilk”, “ocean flow coffee”, arts and crafts courses, and produce from independent farms. On weekends, there are tours, DIY activities, handicraft workshops and more to engage the locals with the cultural industry.

Development of local tourism continues to benefit from improvements to local public facilities.
Longtan and Daxi are major tourist towns in Taoyuan. Urban development plans have focused their efforts to establish a complete tourism and recreation system, offering more options for tourists. Besides the Shiyifen Cultural Park, visitors will be able take an electric bus to tour the reservoir at the low-carbon depot at the Xizhou Visitor Information Center when visiting Longtan or Daxi.