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The First Tourism Live Stream Channel in Taiwan: Online Real-time Sea View from Taoyuan’s Yongan Fishing Harbor



Posted Date:2021-07-27



The Most Live Streams Available in Taiwan: Enjoy the 24/7 Beautiful Scenery Capture without Going Out
The Department of Tourism started to provide real-time sightseeing images in 2018. So far, it has installed 10 real-time sightseeing image recorders; the number of live streams from tourist attractions in Taoyuan City is the highest nationwide. The scenic spots with live streams include: Daxi Bridge, Shihmen Reservoir, Lalashan Visitor Information Center, Xiao Wulai Skywalk, Xiao Wulai Panoramic Lookout, Jiaobanshan Eco Pond, Back Cihu, Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park, Daxi Old Street, and Owl Forest School in Hutoushan. Viewers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taoyuan anytime at home, especially during the pandemic.
Due to the water level decline in Shihmen Reservoir this year, many people went to Shihmen Reservoir’s live stream chat room to "pray for rain" and waited for rain together. During that time, the highest number of simultaneous viewers reached 9,000 and the highest number of same day viewers reached 760,000, showing that the real-time image is widely loved by the public.

The First Tourism Live Stream Channel in Taiwan: Upgraded Sightseeing Service
In response to the public’s love for Taoyuan’s real-time sightseeing image, the Department of Tourism has combined audio-visual services and created the first live stream channel. A 4K high-resolution real-time video recorder was set up in Yongan Fishing Harbor, and its live stream was officially launched on the 27th. Viewers can listen to music while enjoying the coastal scenery of Yongan Fishing Harbor. The scenery of the prosperous fishing harbor combined with the beautiful sunset make the seascape more romantic. You can also see the Conch Pavilion which is newly completed in 2021 by changing your perspective. Viewers can watch the four seasons of Taoyuan’s popular fishing harbor through the screen, learn about the weather of the day, obtain the latest promotion information, and receive all-round travel information.

Innovating tourism distribution channels during the pandemic, attracting overseas travelers
Since the launch of Taoyuan’s live stream channel, it has accumulated about 14.85 million views, among which about 5.35 million views are made by foreign visitors, most of which are from Japan and the U.S. The real-time image display is not only liked by domestic viewers, but also by foreign visitors. During the pandemic, the percentage of foreign visitors' browsing increased sharply from 44% to 66%, with a growth rate of 22%. Innovative technology successfully helped promote Taoyuan’s beauty internationally.