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"O2gether New Taipei City X Taoyuan Hiking Trails," a linkage of hiking trails



Posted Date:2021-06-12



Enjoy the scenic views of two cities along Taoyuan x New Taipei City hiking trails
Taoyuan City's Luzhu, Guishan, Bade, Daxi and Fuxing District border New Taipei City, where Guishan District's Qinglongling Hiking Trail, Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail and Fuyuanshan Hiking Trail connect New Taipei City's Dahushan Hiking Trail and Shihuikeng Hiking Trail. If you wish to overlook the scenic views of Taoyuan and New Taipei City from a height of 405 meters, enjoy the century-old banyan trees, or experience the phytoncides on Fuyuanshan Hiking Trail, the hiking trails of Taoyuan and New Taipei City are able to fulfill your desire for natural scenery.

Taoyuan offers a wide selection of hiking trails
There are 106 hiking trails in Taoyuan City, with a total distance of 135 km, including 6 trail systems (30 hiking trails) and 76 standalone trails. 84 trails are suitable for families with young children, and 22 trails are of higher difficulties, suitable for hikers who like to challenge themselves. Fuxing District's Baling Historic Trail, Guanyin District's Baishajia Lighthouse Trail, Daxi District's Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail, Luzhu District's Wujiutongshan Footpath, Yangmei District's Xiucai Hiking Trail and Longtan District's Longtan Xiaocukeng Ancient Trail are suitable for families with young children, while Daxi District's Fushanyan Hiking Trail, Fuxing District's Tamanshan Hiking Trail and Beichatian Hiking Trail are trails with higher difficulties, suitable for experienced hikers.
Establishing a northern Taiwan trail system by connecting the national grade trails in the north and south

The Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government is planning a "Taoyuan City 100 km Hiking Trail Program." Based on the existing trails, it will connect Taoyuan City's national hiking trails in Longtan, Daxi, Bade and Guishan with hiking trails of Hsinchu in the South and those in New Taipei City in the north, establishing a complete national trail system in northern Taiwan. It aims to upgrade the overall diversity of Taiwan's forest ecology, abundance of tourism resources and completeness of the hiking environment, to provide the public with more diverse recreational choices.