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Best accommodations and best tourist service center ratings – Taoyuan City received multiple awards



Posted Date:2020-04-07



Hotel management, travel services, and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle have all received commends from the central government
Tourism Bureau, MOTC has implemented “2019 Good Accommodations Award” to evaluate the management done by each county and city government for which Taoyuan City won the Distinction award. For “2019 i-center travel service review” tourist service center at Taoyuan Train Station won Excellence award. For “2019 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service management and service quality award” Taoyuan City won third place. All of these are clear evidence that the Tourism Bureau, Taoyuan City government has made much effort to improve the quality of travel services, and the efforts have been acknowledged by the central government.

Public and private sectors together build a better travel environment
Public and private sectors have been working closely together, including the collaboration between Taoyuan Hotel Association and Taoyuan B&B Association to promote international travel and help illegal room rentals obtain licenses, B&B butler school, as well as the legalization of accommodations, additional B&B designated area, and providing assistance to indigenous people to apply for B&B licenses. In terms of marketing, Taoyuan Gooold Best Stays certification program is implemented along with hotels for red-eye flights and direct luggage delivery service.

Tourist service center and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle—friendly services at the fore front
Tourist service centers in the city provides in-depth travel tips, as well as services such as free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi assistance to foreigners, courtesy glasses, hand-held device charging, umbrellas for borrowing, postcard mailing service, sign language video chat, and multi-language video translation.
Daxi Express of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle in Taoyuan City now releases joint ticket with Taoyuan International Airport MRT to benefit international travelers. Shihmen Reservoir line is popular among hikers. Xiao Wulai line offers ticket packages combining the Blue Highway, offering the fun of alternating between water and land transportations.