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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle adds a new stop of “Shihmen Reservoir – Amuping Harbor” to the Xiao Wulai Line



Posted Date:2019-11-08



The Blue Highway of Shihmen Reservoir has gained popularity since it was launched in July 2019, attracting large number of visitors to Dam Harbor and Amuping Harbor. Adding the stop of Amuping Harbor to the Xiao Wulai Line will increase accessibility for tourists and hopefully bring even more visitors and business opportunities to the area.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle connects with two harbors
In addition to taking Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Shihmen Reservoir Line (503) to Dam Harbor, visitors can take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Xiao Wulai Line (502) to Amuping Harbor to take the boat to New Xikou Suspension Bridge.

Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Shihmen Reservoir Line to see maple leaves. Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Daxi Express to visit historic sites.
Autumn and Winter are the perfect time for tasting fish and maple leaf-watching at Shihmen Reservoir. Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Shihmen Reservoir Line (503) and get off at Shihmen Mountain. Enter from the high line toll station and walk along the trail. Enjoy the view of maple trees along the trail and try fish cuisine on the way. Additionally, visitors can go to Daxi for a trip to historic sites and fields of flowers.