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Warm welcome to Mayday fans from overseas. Free luggage delivery to hotels.



Posted Date:2019-11-06



Mayday’s New Year’s Eve concert attracts tens of thousands of visitors from abroad to Taoyuan
Internationally renowned band, Mayday, is holding their debut 20th anniversary concert, “Mayday 2020 Just Rock It!!! | BLUE,” at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium. The 10-day concert is estimated to be attracting couple of hundred thousand music fans to Taoyuan, among them about 5% from overseas, mainly comprised of ten thousand fans from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Heading straight to the concert right off the plane. Free luggage delivery to hotels.
To welcome Mayday fans to Taoyuan, specifically for those coming from abroad, Taoyuan City Government is launching a free luggage delivery service for those staying at designated hotels. Their luggage will be delivered directly from the airport to the hotels, so that they can go to the concert directly without the burden of their luggage.

Daxi is right around the corner by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Music fans staying in Taoyuan overnight can take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Daxi Express from Taoyuan HSR Station and get to Daxi in only 40 minutes. Enjoy strolling down the hundred-year-old streets and try local snacks. You can also visit Cihu and learn about the history of the Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo ruling period.