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Stay at Gooold Best Stays. Experience the secret spots of Taoyuan.



Posted Date:2019-11-06



Starting from 2015, Taoyuan City Government has been promoting the “Gooold Best Stays” certification for hotels and B&Bs. This year (2019), six categories have been included in the certification program: foreigner-friendly, eco-friendly, local-friendly, creativity-friendly, family-friendly, and pet-friendly.

Experts’ pro tips: Stay at Gooold Best Stays and become a Taoyuan expert
Gooold Best Stays are not only the best accommodation providers but also experts of local secret spots in Taoyuan, which they are willing to share with tourists: e91 Hotel recommends the hottest Instagram spot, Taoyuan 77 Art Zone—an old Japanese-style police dormitory turned heritage park—perfect for social media posts. HeFong Villa recommends Baling Historic Trail—an elevated rope bridge perfect for nature-loving visitors to enjoy the beauty of canopy and insect ecology. Fuyam Tourist Home recommends Youling Waterfalls—hike up the dark trails, and just at the turn of the road, you will find magnificent waterfalls right in front of you. Take in all the natural moisture and phytoncide. There are so many secret spots in Taoyuan waiting to be explored. You will only find out about them if you stay at Gooold Best Stays.