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Taoyuan International Kite Festival; Aladdin and the Lamp soars in the sky



Posted Date:2019-10-15



Aladdin and the lamp led the way; characters from the folktale are in the sky
The “2019 Taoyuan International Kite Festival” invites kite experts from Germany, France, Switzerland, the US, Singapore, Korea, as well as Taiwan and close to thousand kites fly, injecting energy into the blue autumn sky of Daxi.
The theme this year is “fairy tale” with Aladdin leading various fairytale characters as well as Tao and Yuango, the Taoyuan mascots, into the sky. People can experience a folktale atmosphere.

Puppet Theatre vs. Journey to the West, an exciting showdown at Taoyuan International Kite Festival
The second international kite festival creates the first sky theatre. The experts use their exquisite kite flying skills to showcase a battle between East and West! The kites in the shape of the Monkey King from Journey to the West, Merlion from Singapore, Psy from Korea and Formosan Black Bear, Leopard Cat and Sika Deer meet at Taoyuan, showcasing a different form of the international fest.

A 6 m tall giraffe appears at Zhong Zhuang Retention Basin
In addition to the exciting kite performance, the organizers also invited Francis, a French kite expert famous for his kite art, to bring kite installation art from the happy zoo. The 6 m tall giraffe standing proud on the Daxi Zhong Zhuan field has become an eye-catching attraction and photo-spot for the kite festival this year.