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The Double Ten National Day Party at the Longgang Golden Triangle



Posted Date:2019-10-05



Longgang District is well-known for the flag-raising ceremony on National Day. In order to help the public understand the history, Burmese food culture, and unique sceneries of Longgang, the Tourism Bureau of Taoyuan City Government is organizing a “2019 Longgang National Day Micro-Tour Event” in Yunnan Cultural Park on National Day (October 10th). The public stands a chance to win a specially selected organic farmer’s goodie bag after completing 2 simple tasks. There are also innovative and outstanding National Day installation arts in the Park for you to take photographs.

The only National Day party in Taiwan is at Longgang
During the second civil war, a troupe exiled to Myanmar retreated and lived in this area. With the rich history and unique Burmese culture and located at the intersection of Zhongli, Pingzheng, and Bade, Longgang was known as the “Charming Golden Triangle”. During the annual National Day, the sea of flags is magnificent, emitting a celebratory atmosphere. This attracts many citizens to attend the flag-raising ceremony and is a major event in Longgang. The National Day can be likened to the second Chinese New Year in Longgang. In the morning there is the traditional parade and flag-raising ceremony at the flag house, while the locals host a street fest at night. This forms a series of fun celebratory activities.

National Day installation art symbolizes the cross-racial spirit to celebrate the occasion together.
There are also unique National Day installation arts in the Park. The imagery of the golden triangle is reflected through the mirror and along with the environment fully decorated with flags, a rich and colorful image is created. This symbolizes the acceptance and celebratory spirit of the charming golden triangle.

Participate in the micro-tour amazing race, tour the golden triangle attraction and enjoy the delicacies.
The public stands a chance to win a unique prize from the golden triangle, a specially selected organic farmer’s goodie bag after completing 2 simple tasks and uploading the photographs on social media. Examples of the task include touring the local special attractions, taking photographs with the National Day installation arts, taking photographs with people dressed in traditional costumes and touring eateries or stores with unique Longgang characteristics.
The public should also use this opportunity to have a look at Zhongzhen Market that sells unique ingredients and international spices. The Longgang Mosque is also worth exploring, to experience the beauty of Islam. Alternatively, one can visit the most beautiful library in Taiwan, the Longgang Library, which is shaped like a giant book. One can also try various Burmese snacks such as rice noodles, pea jelly, Burmese bau, and Boji rice.