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Enjoy the fun experience of sport travel and slow tour in Taoyuan Sightseeing excursions to Shihmen Reservoir



Posted Date:2019-08-21



A new experience of cycling, delicacies, physical activities and dating
The brand new Shihmen Reservoir tour package combines sport travels that have a lower carbon footprint and the good connection of the Blue Highway. All tourist attractions near the Reservoir are connected to the Blue Highway. Starting from Xizhou Service Center, one can enjoy the benefits of enhanced mobility and enjoy an in-depth look at Taoyuan. In recent years, a variety of activities have been held regularly at Shihmen Reservoir, including Maple Half Marathon, Hot Air Balloon Carnival, and Shihmen Fish Festival. In addition, there are also popular attractions like Shihmen Reservoir Bikeway and the beautiful maple trees along the Maplewood Trail. Here, visitors can organize their trip via a wide variety of activities.
The construction project in the Shihmen Reservoir Cross-sector Initiative is going to be completed soon.
The Golden Awardee of 2018 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award, the Xizhou Low Carbon Transfer Station, will be completed soon. Visitors to Shihmen Reservoir can take the low carbon electric bus to the service center and experience the various activities lined up for them.

A sporty fun experience will satisfy the needs of all visitors.
Sports tourism is one of the most attractive theme tours nowadays. Hence, “The Cross-Sector Initiative for Shihmen Reservoir and Dahan River” uses “create your own sports story – Shihmen Reservoir” as the central theme to launch 8 sports tours for the visitors. All the tours incorporate local ecology, low carbon tourism and the new forms of sports, attracting families, teenagers, as well as sports lovers. This leaves them with a memorable sports and relaxation experience at Shihmen Reservoir. The tours can include various modes of transportation ranging from walking and cycling to a bus ride. The fees range from NTD 799 to NTD 3990, meeting the needs of everyone.

8 tour packages allow you to explore Shihmen Reservoir in-depth.
These 8 packages include inland surfing, cycling around the lake, jogging along the bank, tree climbing course, and puzzle-solving blind tour. Along with the new sports trend, the low carbon in-depth Shihmen Reservoir tour gives the reservoir a new outlook, reviving its past glory.