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2019 Zhuwei Fishing Harbor Creative Dance Competition



Posted Date:2019-07-26



Participate in the ocean-themed creative dance competitionand create special memories just for yourself.
On the first day of the event, the ocean-themed creative dance competition will be held. This year, the theme is “creativity, ocean.” Dance enthusiasts are encouraged to use their creativity and demonstrate their showmanship on stage. Great memories are sure to be made on the stage of the Zhuwei Fishing Harbor Creative Dance Competition.
Ocean family carnival is calling for children to join in.
On the second day of the event, Yoyo Family who’s very popular among children will bring a series of performances, including the joyful singing and dancing, magic show, and giant bubble blowing. At the event you will also find all kinds of fun challenges, soap DIY activity, and hand-weaving DIY activity.

The expanded Three Harbor City music festival will be held at Zhuwei Fishing Harbor in 2020 
This year, Taoyuan, Keelung, and Hsinchu collaborated in a joint marketing effort to hold a harbor-side music festival in summer. People all around Taiwan are invited to join in this cool music festival during summer holidays. This year, Zhuwei Fishing Harbor had the Zhuwei Fishing Harbor Creative Dance Competition as a precursor of the Three Harbor City music festival next year.