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Free Luggage Delivery to Taoyuan Hotels



Posted Date:2019-05-09



As an airport city with enhanced functionality, Taoyuan embraces international tourists with upgraded tourism services.
In 2018, more than 40 million travelers came in and out of Taoyuan International Airport, which further facilitates tourism and the hospitality industry. Considered the most important city for international commuters to Taiwan, Taoyuan City has been developing towards an airport economics smart city. In addition to forming alliances and engaging with major airport cities around the world, this year, Taoyuan City Government introduces a free luggage delivery service for visitors staying at Taoyuan Gold Medal Hotels. Also with the launch of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Daxi Express Route starting May 1st, international visitors can easily get to renowned tourist attractions via the convenient Taoyuan Metro and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle services while their luggage is directly delivered to their hotel. By the time they finish touring Daxi, Cihu and other attractions, their luggage is already delivered to the hotel.
Visitors can have their luggage delivered free of charge if they stay at one of the 33 designated hotels in Taoyuan.
According to the Tourism Bureau, starting in May, visitors staying at one of the 33 designated hotels in Taoyuan need to fill out a form online first, and once disembarked at the airport, they should head to the Pelican desk (there is a service desk in both Terminal 1 and 2) to hand over the luggage by 2 p.m., which will then arrive at the hotel by 7 p.m.. Each visitor can have one piece of luggage sent over to the designated hotel free of charge. This program now offers the service to only 3,500 visitors staying at one of the 33 Taoyuan Gold Medal Hotels. If the program turns out great, the bureau will look into expanding the service to allow more visitors to Taoyuan to enjoy a carefree journey starting from Taoyuan Airport without having to carry their luggage. For more information on the free luggage delivery program, please go to: baggagefree.tycg.gov.tw
Taoyuan Metro Tourist Shuttle Joint Ticket – The only pass required for visitors to arrive in Daxi in 40 minutes from the airport
As an airport city with a sophisticated transportation network, Taiwan City Government combines the widely received two transportation service, Taoyuan Metro and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to launch a joint pass. The limited 1,000 Taoyuan Metro Tourist Shuttle Joint Tickets will be issued starting in May at Taoyuan Metro A12, A13 and A14a stations. A discounted price of NT$120 is currently offered (original price is NT$155). The joint ticket includes a one-way ticket from the airport to Taoyuan HSR Station, and a one-day pass of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Daxi Express Route which will take you directly to Daxi Old Street in merely 40 minutes. Along with tourist service at the stations, multilingual bus environment, multilingual tourist attraction guide and free luggage delivery, visitors can enjoy touring Daxi and Cihu at ease!
Multilingual service offered at Taoyuan Travel website, creating a friendly tourism environment for international travelers
To further create a friendly tourism environment that welcomes international travelers, this year, Taoyuan City Government initiates an upgrade of Taoyuan Travel website which now offers multilingual travel information and services in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages to cater to the need of all travelers. Link to Taoyuan Travel website: travel.tycg.gov.tw