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2018 Shihmen Reservoir Nighttime Theater



Posted Date:2018-11-12



Kicking off at Nanyuan Eco Park, Shihmen Reservoir Nighttime Theater sets out to be a low-carbon, ecotourism themed all-day event suitable for participants of all ages. It takes place from 1 pm to 9 pm on November 3rd. The event starts in daylight and continues to engage participants in a series of fun activities at night. The agenda includes low-carbon workout, grassland picnic and concert, outdoor movie, creative light projection show, massive popcorn party, hippie marketplace, and more.
The all-day agenda of 2018 Shihmen Reservoir Nighttime Theater is divided into a trilogy of activities. The first section consists of four low-carbon sports challenges: land SUP, grassland woodball, baseball and frisbee under the guidance and supervision of professional instructors. Participants who have conquered all four challenges will get a ticket to redeem delicious popcorns at the biggest popcorn popper in Taiwan!   
The second part of the trilogy starts with magic shows and band performances at dusk. Picnic mats and seats are offered onsite for participants to enjoy the festival leisurely on the grass. Meanwhile, there are vendors on the side selling food, creative, handmade goods or sports products.
The last part of the trilogy is the nighttime movie. As the night falls, To the Force, a sports movie selected via an online vote is screened. Before and after the movie, there will be two creative light projection shows.