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Magic and fairytale themed Taoyuan Lantern Festival at Nankan River



Posted Date:2019-02-24



2019 Taoyuan Lantern Festival comprises four main areas along the waterfront of Nankan River: Aladdin and the Magic Lantern (Taoyuan Sanmin Main Lantern Area), The Wizard of Oz (Guishan Area), The Nutcracker (Shuibiantou Area) and Alice in Wonderland (Luzhu Area). The fairytale elements create a special lantern viewing experience in Taoyuan that is magical, lively and blissful.
Themed “Taoyuan City of Happiness”, Sanmin Main Lantern Area illustrates the wonderful lifestyle in Taoyuan. Guishan Area promotes the sophisticated technology industry in Guishan and the diverse future prospects of Taoyuan as a high-tech city. Shuibiantou Area features the Nutcracker and music, presenting the highly developed art and cultural sector in Taoyuan. Last but not least, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Luzhu Area showcases the highly reputed flowers in Luzhu.

The creative fairytale themed lantern festival in Taoyuan has attracted over 1.5 million visitors
During the 13 days of Taoyuan Lantern Festival, numerous visitors come to immerse in the magical scenes and blissful ambiance. All four lantern exhibition areas are equipped with interactive lantern facilities that further engage visitors in the experience. With brilliant photography techniques, visitors can go on a magic carpet ride. Rubbing magic lamp, sitting on a giant water lily that glows, pedaling a bike to light up a lantern or acting as a baseball or golf player in front of the sports-themed lantern settings are also fun ways to enjoy the lantern festival.
Since Valentine’s Day happens to fall on the lantern festival this year, Taoyuan City Government created a designated romantic zone. There is a giant love letter installation in pink, a diamond ring corridor symbolic of eternal love, and two thousand lantern roses that fill up the venue with love and affection.
There are also a variety of performances and DIY activities at the lantern exhibition areas. There is the unprecedented crystal pig DIY activity held at Shuibiantou Area where participants can make personalized piglets using Swarovski crystal and wool. In addition to appreciating the beautiful lanterns, visitors can also take a look at recommended itineraries put together by the city government. The itineraries take visitors to explore Taoyuan more by touring the surrounding areas of the lantern festival.