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The optimization of facilities in Cihu enhances tourism quality



Posted Date:2018-07-20



With travel service facilities being upgraded, visitors can have a guided tour to enjoy an in-depth journey in Taoyuan

To maintain Cihu’s natural landscape and the history and culture of the former two presidents Chiang's periods, Taoyuan City Government and the Ministry of National Defense carried out the establishment of tourist service station at the Tourist Service Center, the adjustment of the access traffic flow at Touliao mausoleum, and the maintenance and renovation of the facilities such as the improvement of the sidewalks and guardrails on the Cihu segment of the Provincial Highway 7 to give a new look to Cihu Tourist Service Center for better public sightseeing services. At Cihu, in addition to the joint service station which is newly established, volunteer guides are deployed at places like the Cihu Landscape Platform, the Swan Image Pool and the entrance to Siheyuan Courtyard of the mausoleum, and so forth, in an attempt to optimize tourism in Cihu. In addition, Cihu Tourist Service Center has been remodeled and volunteer reception is arranged at its entrance. The Center’s north wing is equipped with Taoyuan Gold Gifts showroom and internet mail order pick-up center. The tourist lounge for visitors to wait and relax is built at its south wing so that it is more convenient for travelers to tour along Cihu and Northern Cross-Island Highway.


Paying homage at Touliao Mausoleum is opened for visitors at regular intervals while real-time image E-guided tours cater to the need of tourists

Cihu Mausoleum Siheyuan Courtyard is open to groups to apply for paying their respect to former President Chiang at Touliao mausoleum every Jan. 13, Apr. 5 and Oct. 31. On weekdays, visitors are only allowed to stay outside of the Siheyuan Courtyard and watch the changing of the guards. To guide tourists in detail to the interior of the Mausoleum and the guards of honor, an instant image-guided system is installed outside the Siheyuan Courtyard and two interpretive signs placed on the exterior of the Cihu and Daxi Mausoleum Siheyuan Courtyard.


Cihu - the most beautiful relay station of your tour of Northern Cross-Island Highway

As the entrance to the Northern Cross-Island Highway, Cihu is the place which must be passed by all tourists when going to Jiaobanshan, Dongyanshan, Xiao Wulai, Lala Mountain and Mingchi, making it the geographic traffic hub of the Northern Cross-Island Highway. NiuChiaoNanPei Irrigation Reservoir, Cihu and Back Cihu, which are surrounded by mountains, and have the most pleasant scenery and also the best rest relay station for those touring along Northern Cross-Island Highway.