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Promotion of featured attractions expects to attract Japanese tourists to visit Taoyuan



Posted Date:2018-06-27



Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine, Daxi Old Street, and Divine Trees of Lala Mountain work together create the impression of Japanese tourism

The number of Japanese tourists who came to Taiwan reached nearly 1.5 million last year. To expand the number of Japanese tourists, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government adopts the theme of "Finding exotic NIPPON in Taoyuan" by incorporating the concept of "Exploring Japanese Memory" to highlight stories of Taoyuan attractions. Whether it is Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine, Daxi Old Street or Lala Mountain’s Divine Trees, these tourist attractions are all infused with Japanese styles, which will touch the hearts of Japanese tourists.

Taoyuan has been establishing a tourism partnership with Japan through diversified exchanges and interactions

Through this promotion activity, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government first invited Japanese bloggers to visit Taoyuan’s tourist attractions in person, held the "Taoyuan Tourism Sharing Conference" in Tokyo, visited the travel agencies and the authorities of the tourism industry to expand the benefits of tourism promotion activities. As Taoyuan City and Chiba Prefecture of Japan are sister cities, this activity also allowed Taoyuan City to hold sightseeing talks with Chiba Prefecture to encourage the bilateral tourism business opportunities.

Japan's well-known bloggers took in-depth fam tours in Taoyuan to experience its local beauty

In the press conference, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government specially invited three bloggers: Kazuhiro Maehara, MISA, and SAKI Hirayama to share their tourism impressions of Taoyuan. Maehara who visited Lala Mountain said that this was his first in-depth trip to Taoyuan. He found that many of the views made him feel that they somewhat familiar. He was also impressed by the fruit-picking experience at Lala Mountain; he hoped that his Japanese friends would come to Taoyuan to experience it in person. The internet celebrities: MISA and SAKI Hirayama also mentioned that taking the MRT while traveling was just like "getting off the Japan Railways in the middle of the journey" as there were many specialty stores along the way. Everyone can't help but pick up his/her smartphone to take photos and share lovely Taoyuan through his/her IG.