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Japanese bloggers visit Taoyuan to experience its beautiful scenery and hospitality



Posted Date:2018-06-03



According to the statistics of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan in 2017 reached 1,449,246, accounting for 17.68% of the total number of tourists coming to Taiwan. In recent years, Japan is having "Taiwan fever." For the past few years, Taoyuan City Government has made great effort to encourage Japanese to travel in Taiwan, market Taoyuan’s tourism through various forms of tourism promotion activities, and establish a collaboration platform between the businesses of the two places by combining travel agencies and the fam tours of bloggers.

The Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government invited Japanese bloggers to visit Taoyuan tourist attractions in person, in the hope of interpreting Taoyuan from different angles. Bloggers Aiwan and Mikiko took part in the fam tours, visiting Daxi Old Street, Shimen Reservoir, Sankeng Old Street, Tourist Factory, Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine, Zhongzhen Market, Nanmen Market, etc., under the themes of “gourmet tour” and “family tour” and led by the local experts to experience its culture in depth and enjoy the diverse facets of Taoyuan!

The family tour took the bloggers to visit the Republic of Chocolate, Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, and Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland to learn more about Taoyuan’s cultures and technologies through hands-on activities. The purpose of the gourmet tour was to strengthen Japanese bloggers’ impression of the local delicacies of Taoyuan, such as Daxi dried bean curd, traditional-flavored peanut candy, Yunnan and Burmese cuisine at Zhongzhen Market, live fish in Shimen, and creative gourmet food around Sankeng Old Street. In the evening, the bloggers stayed at Orchard Park Hotel, Chuto Hotel, and 168 Inn to experience a great diversity of accommodations.